General terms and conditions of sale in online store

General terms and conditions of sale in online store

These general terms and conditions of sale apply since publication on the new version of the website, i.e. 16 December 2015.

1. Identity

rue Aux Minières 2
B-6900 Marche-en-Famenne
Téléphone : +32(0)479 24 51 80
Business Number : BE 0427 613 414
VAT identification number : BE 0427 613 414
Bank account : BE28 3601 1301 6120

2. Application of the general terms and conditions of sale

2.1. The general terms and conditions of sale are concluded between Europ’Aventure on the one hand and any natural person or legal entity wishing to make a purchase on the website of Europ’Aventure, hereinafter referred to as ‘the client’, on the other.
2.2. The general terms and conditions of sale define the sales process between Europ’Aventure and the client, as well as the procedures for placing orders, payment and delivery of the product ordered.
2.3. Confirmation of the order and therefore of the purchase of one or more products implies full and unreserved acceptance of the general terms and conditions of sale laid down here, full knowledge of these terms and conditions and a waiver of the right to assert other terms and conditions.
2.4. The general terms and conditions of sale apply throughout the period when the website is on line.

2.5. Europ’Aventure reserves the right to modify its general terms and conditions of sale at any time. Orders placed prior to the modification are not affected by said modification.

3. Products offered for sale on the website

3.1. The products offered for sale on line on the website are: maps, books, guidebooks, roadbooks and holders. They are accessible via the section ‘Books & Maps’.

3.2. These products are available for sale while stocks last.

3.3. The visuals used to illustrate the products are as representative as possible; however, perfect similarity cannot be assured by the visual concerned.

4. Opening an account

4.1. Clients who wish to place an order on the website declare that they are at least 18 years of age and have full legal capacity or are in possession of parental authorisation to place the order on the website at the time the order is placed.

4.2. Any person who is incapacitated may not, in any way, place an order via the website. In this case, the website and the services it offers are consulted under the responsibility of their legal representative.

4.3. Users who wish to register on the website and purchase one of the products offered for sale on line will have to create an account on the website by completing all the mandatory fields: surname, first name, email address, user name and password.

4.4. By opening an account on the website, the client can access the functionalities of said website and order one or more products. If he loses his password, the client can send an email by clicking on ‘password forgotten’. The client will then receive a new password by return. The client can modify his account and his personal data when and if he so wishes via the section ‘My Account’.

4.5. The client is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of his password. Consequently, the client agrees to take reasonable measures to prevent other people from obtaining the password and to inform Europ’Aventure by email or by telephone if the password is no longer confidential.

5. Price

5.1. The prices indicated are in euros, including VAT at the rate applicable on the day the order is placed. Any change in rate may be passed on in the price of products ordered.
5.2. The prices indicated do not include transport / delivery costs.
5.3. The prices indicated on the day the order is placed apply. Nevertheless, Europ’Aventure reserves the right to modify the prices indicated on the website at any time.
5.4. Special offers on products are valid only within the limit of the period of validity of the special offer concerned and while stocks last.
5.5. The transport cost depends on the weight of the order and is calculated via the website.

6. Order, confirmation, shipping products

6.1 Order
6.1.1. On the website, the client selects the product(s) and the quantity desired. This selection is registered in the shopping basket. The client accesses this via the ‘Shopping Basket’ tab.
6.1.2. The client can follow the five steps required to finalise his order by clicking on ‘Order’ in his shopping basket:
– Summary: summarises the products selected for the order
– Identify yourself: connection via the client account information (user name and password)
– Address: delivery address and billing address (several addresses can be entered)
– Shipping: indications regarding the method of delivery (in-store collection or shipment via Bpost)
– Payment: validation by the client of his choice of payment method.
6.1.3. The client who places the order is recognised as bearing sole liability for this order and for its payment, even if the order is placed for the benefit of a third party.

6.2. Terms and procedures for payment and confirmation of the order
6.2.1. To finalise the order, the client validates the final stage of the order (see Article 6.1.2), after having checked his order. He then makes the payment.
6.2.2. The products offered for sale on line on the Europ’Aventure website are payable in advance by bank transfer into account No BE28 3601 1301 6120.
6.2.3. Europ’Aventure sends the client confirmation of acceptance of the order by email only after receipt of the payment. The sale will be concluded and will be binding upon Europ’Aventure only as of confirmation of the order by Europ’Aventure (the email message will include the following information: products ordered, price).
6.2.4. The products ordered remain the property of Europ’Aventure until the price has been definitively paid in full by the client.
6.2.5. When and if he so wishes, the client can check the state of his order on line by logging into his account by means of his user name and his password.

6.3. Shipping products
6.3.1. The client has the possibility, free of charge, of collecting the product from the business premises of Europ’Aventure by making an appointment in advance. To do this, when placing the order the client selected ‘Collection in store’ as the means of delivery.
6.3.2. If the client does not select ‘Collection in store’ as the means of delivery, then all orders for which payment has been received and which have been confirmed by Europ’Aventure will be sent to the address indicated as quickly as possible.
6.3.3. The products ordered are sent as a single order.
6.3.4. If a product is out of stock, it is not possible to take an option on this product in anticipation of restocking.
6.3.5. If the client omits or refuses to take delivery of the products ordered, Europ’Aventure reserves the right to demand the fulfilment of the contract or, following prior formal notice, to consider the contract to have been terminated ipso jure.

7. Guarantees and liability of Europ’Aventure

7.1. Europ’Aventure undertakes to prepare the orders on the day of their arrival and to dispatch them within 72 hours of receipt of payment.
7.2. Europ’Aventure declines all responsibility for any direct or indirect damage, irrespective of the causes, origins, nature or consequences of this damage, brought about owing to the access of any individual whomsoever to the website, or the impossibility of accessing the website, the use of the website and/or credence granted to any information coming directly or indirectly from the latter.
Should disadvantages or damage inherent in the use of the internet arise (for example, interruption of service, computer virus or any other incident qualified as force majeure), the liability of Europ’Aventure will not be incurred.
7.3. The products are transported at the cost and risk of the client, barring deceit or serious misconduct on the part of Europ’Aventure or its agents. Europ’Aventure declines all responsibility in the event of an overly long delivery term and in the event of the loss of parcels or of strikes.
7.4. In the event of transport problems, the client will have to lodge a complaint with the carrier only.

8. Right of withdrawal, cancellation

8.1. Withdrawal
8.1.1. The consumer has the right to withdraw without giving a reason within a period of fourteen days.
8.1.2. To exercise this right of withdrawal, the consumer must inform the company of his wish to withdraw within a period of fourteen calendar days, as of the day after the one on which he or the third party appointed by him takes physical possession of the goods.
8.1.3. The consumer informs the company of his decision to withdraw from the contract before the expiry of the withdrawal period of fourteen calendar days, by sending either the withdrawal form, completed and signed, or an unambiguous statement clearly indicating his decision to withdraw from the contract by post or email to the address indicated above. Acknowledgement of receipt in writing will then be sent to the consumer without delay by Europ’Aventure.
8.1.4. In the event of withdrawal, Europ’Aventure will reimburse all the payments received from the consumer, at the latest within fourteen days as of the day when Europ’Aventure is informed of this withdrawal. Europ’Aventure will contact the consumer in order to agree on the preferred method of reimbursement. This reimbursement will not give rise to any costs for the consumer.
8.1.5. The consumer will have to return or send back the goods to the address of Europ’Aventure indicated above at the latest fourteen days after notification of withdrawal. The direct costs linked to the return of the goods will be borne by the consumer. The product concerned must be returned to Europ’Aventure in the unopened envelop / parcel.
8.1.6. Europ’Aventure may defer the reimbursement until the time when it receives the product that is the subject of the withdrawal.
8.1.7. If the consumer gives notification of his decision to withdraw when fulfilment of the contract has commenced, he will have to pay the company a sum proportional to the deliveries made until the moment when the consumer provided notification of his decision to withdraw compared to the planned service package as a whole.
8.1.8. The consumer may not exercise the right of withdrawal if the withdrawal period is not observed.

8.2. Non-confirmation of the order and cancellation
8.2.1. Europ’Aventure reserves the right not to confirm / to cancel an order for any reason whatsoever (product procurement, lack of availability, abnormal order or foreseeable delivery problem).
8.2.2. Europ’Aventure further reserves the right to cancel the order if payment is not received within seven days of the placing of the order.
8.2.3. In the event of the cancellation of the order for a product by Europ’Aventure, Europ’Aventure undertakes to reimburse the client within fourteen days of the announcement of the impossibility of fulfilling the order if the payment had already been made.

9. Dispute settlement

In the event of a dispute, the courts of the registered offices of Europ’Aventure have jurisdiction.
These terms and conditions of sale on line are governed by Belgian law.
Go to the European platform for the settlement of consumer disputes.


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