From the Eifel to the Ardennes on the Rhine-Meuse path

from  670,00

A long-distance hike through Germany, Luxembourg and Belgium

The Eifel to the Ardennes Trail is a hiking route. It is marked by a white and black wave and links Belgium with Germany via Luxembourg (AE Trail (Ardennes-Eifel) / GTA).

During this athletic stay along the Rhine-Meuse trail, hike along the loveliest forest paths of Germany, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and Belgium. The stay offered by Europ’Aventure ‘De L’Eifel à l’Ardenne’ comprises a  hike from the town of Prüm in Germany to Bastogne in Belgium.

During 8 to 9 days of walking, you will alternate mainly between forests paths and open countryside. Along the way you will discover Mürlenbach, Prüm, Bleialf, Ouren, Clervaux, Bastogne and more.
Fancy a lightweight hike? Europ’Aventure also offers you the ‘luggage transport’ option. The distances covered per day vary from 22 to 25 km.

  • On foot
  • At your own
  • Difficulty level: moderate

Ref. : 1312-2019


Day 1 : Welcome in Prüm
Day 2 : Prüm – Bleialf : 22 km
This is the stage with the biggest height difference, from an altitude of 430 metres in the town of Prüm to 697 metres at the summit of Schneifel. The hike passes largely through the wild Schneifel massif, which is renowned for its cold climate. In fact, its name comes from a contraction of ‘Schnee’, which means ‘snow’ and Eifel.
Tip: remember to bring warmer clothes.
Day 3 : Bleialf – Ouren : 25 km
This stage mainly follows narrow dirt or tarmacked roads. It is not difficult. Don’t be put off by the few climbs (only one of which is steep, as you approach Habscheid) and the long descent towards Ouren.
Day 4 : Ouren – Clervaux : 22 km
The first part of the stage is the wildest along the route. You hike through the Our valley for about fifteen kilometres and are unlikely to meet anyone. From the valley, you then come to the plateau via a long but not difficult climb. After this, you go through the villages of Roder and Marnach and then down towards Clervaux. It is worth noting that the day’s route also includes a stretch along a path that is mostly narrow, with several climbs and descents. It is advisable to be particularly well shod for this rugged route, which often leads through undergrowth.
Day 5 : Clervaux – Winseler : 25 km
This stage is not very difficult, even if the route plays leapfrog with the valleys and plateaux. So there are several climbs to be noted. One at the start, as you leave Clervaux. Then five kilometres further on, after the village of Drauffelt. Finally, just before the villages of Knaphoscheid and Escheweiler.
This hike offers the opportunity to admire a number of beautiful, traditional villages.
Transfer to a hotel at the end of the stage after a phone call.
Day 6 : Winseler – Bastogne : 21 km
Return to the starting point after breakfast in Winseler. This stage brings you back to Bastogne, the city of remembrance. The route in Luxembourg starts out flat before following a long climb and then short but steep slope just before the border. In Belgium, the route is relatively hilly but does not present any particular difficulty.
Day 7 : end of the hike
Departure after breakfast


Day 8: Bastogne – Sprimont: 22 km
This is probably the easiest stage along the entire route. The first part runs along a fairly busy road, then next to a motorway. However, once you have passed Villeroux, the route becomes rural and moderately hilly.
Day 9: Sprimont – Saint-Hubert: 23 km
This stage runs mainly through undergrowth and follows a relatively rugged path. It is one of the most enjoyable stretches of the itinerary “La Transardennaise” for those who love solitude and the invigorating air of big forests.

Useful information

Welcome: on day 1 at the end of the afternoon unless special arrangements are made
Dispersion: on day  7 at the end of the hike
Formula: unaccompanied formula, with or without transport by the organiser as preferred
Difficulty: moderate
Accommodation: hotel**/*** – Guest rooms***
Access: by car, by train and bus

Possibility of organising transfer back to Prüm at the end of the stay


At your convenience


  • Per person in double room with luggage transport: from € 752,00
  • Per person in double room without luggage transport: from € 670,00

The price includes: 6 night (half-boards), eventual transfers to and from accommodation, 1 booking’s file including 1 topographical-guide (FR) and the maps.
The price does not include: the drinks, the picnics, the personal expenses and insurance, the transfer back to the departure, everything that is not included under ‘The price includes’.

Ref. : 1312-2019


Stay 2 days and 2 nights between Bastogne and Saint-Hubert

  • With luggage transport, from € 234,00 per person in a double room and from € 370,00 in a single room
  • Without luggage transport, from € 206,00 per person in a double room and from € 315,00 in a single room

The price includes: 2 night (half-boards), the map, luggage transport or not depending on the formula chosen.
The price does not include: the drinks, the picnics, the personal expenses and insurance, the transfer back bwtween Saint-Hubert and Bastogne or to the station in Libramont, everything that is not included under ‘The price includes’.

Possibility to organize short stays on parts of the route from Prüm, Ouren, Clervaux.


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