On the Camino de Santiago between Namur and Nismes

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The pilgrimage in the Belgian province of Namur follows the Meuse passing through Profondeville, Annevoie, Dinant and Freÿr. The walker then crosses the Whitewater valleys, passing through Ensuite, Heer sur Meuse and Olloy-sur-Viroin. The walk finishes at Nismes, just outside of France.

Ref. : 1512-2020


Day 1: Arrival in Namur
Day 2: Namur – Annevoie: 25,600 km
Day 3: Annevoie – Dinant: 21,200 km
Day 4: Dinant – Heer-sur-meuse : 17,400 km
Day 5: Heer-sur-meuse – Nismes: 28,000 km (from Hièrges) or 24,200 km (from Mazée)

Useful information

Arrival: on day 1 in Namur
Dispersion: on day 5 in Nismes at the end of the hike
Formule: self-guided hike with or without luggage transport
Accommodation: hotel/guestroom


On request


Price on request

Ref.: 1512-2020

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