Cours d'eau avec des canards au milieu d'une forêt durant une randonnée Europ'aventure

Europ’Aventure, member of the ATR association “Acting for Responsible Tourism” and Travelife certified.

Want to find out how your travels can make a positive contribution to the planet and local communities? Europ’Aventure has been committed to sustainable tourism for many years, but what does this really mean? In 2024, Europ’Aventure decided to formalize its commitment via the award of the Travelife label. This international label is recognized as the international standard for travel agencies. Europ’Aventure also joined the French association ATR “Acting for Responsible Tourism” at the end of 2023. How does our commitment to the ATR association influence our sustainable experience treks?

In this article, you’ll discover how choosing a hiking holiday can make a difference.

What is the ATR association?

The ATR Association is an initiative that aims to promote and develop tourism that respects the environment, culture and local economies. Founded on the belief that tourism should be a source of mutual benefit for travelers and host communities, the ATR association is committed to transforming the travel industry into a positive force.

History of the organization

Founded in 2004, the ATR organization has rapidly established itself as a key player in sustainable tourism, bringing together professionals committed to offering travel that respects and preserves both the environment and the well-being of local communities. The ATR label, recognized as a pledge of these fundamental values, encourages travelers to adopt a more responsible and enriching approach to travel, aiming for a positive impact on the destinations visited.

As the first network dedicated to sustainable tourism in France, ATR was launched by travel industry pioneers united by a common vision: that close collaboration is crucial to creating travel experiences that honor our planet and its people.

Europ’Aventure’s commitment to ATR perfectly illustrates our desire to offer trekking holidays that are not only memorable, but also deeply rooted in mutual respect between travelers and host communities, in harmony with the principles of sustainable development.

ATR missions and objectives

The principal mission of the ATR label is to promote tourism that takes into account the ecological and social impact of its activities, while contributing positively to the development of local communities and the conservation of biodiversity.

ATR’s primary objective is to support and encourage tourism stakeholders to adopt eco-responsible practices that respect the environment and contribute positively to local communities. By focusing on raising traveler awareness and promoting destinations that are less well-known or threatened by mass tourism, ATR aims to reduce the ecological and social impact of tourism.


The 16 commitments of the ATR association define a rigorous framework for promoting sustainable tourism through a series of actions and principles aligned on three essential axes: transparency, partnership and coherence. These axes serve as the foundation for responsible travel, guaranteeing an enriching experience for both travelers and destinations.

  1.  The transparency, companies’ commitment to sustainable tourism is communicated clearly, ensuring that travelers are well informed about the sustainable practices and issues related to their destination. This openness aims to encourage respectful behavior, particularly in the most vulnerable areas, while gathering customer feedback to measure and constantly improve the impact of responsible tourism.
  2. The partnership emphasizes the importance of carefully selecting providers according to their commitment to ethical practices, and establishing collaboration agreements that define shared expectations and objectives. Exchanging experiences and best practices with service providers enriches this cooperation, fostering a positive and lasting impact on the environment and local communities.
  3. The coherence forms the third axis, highlighting the importance of aligning internal practices with the principles of sustainable tourism. This includes ongoing staff education on the company’s social and environmental responsibility initiatives, implementation of environmental management policies to reduce carbon footprints, and engagement in social actions and local development. These efforts aim to ensure that the impact of tourism is beneficial for both the destinations visited and the travelers themselves.

Together, these commitments reflect ATR’s mission to transform the travel industry by promoting tourism that respects the planet and values its inhabitants.

By adopting these principles, Europ’Aventure, member of the association ATR, is committed to offering trips that not only enrich the lives of backpackers, but also contribute to a more sustainable future for the destinations they explore.


Over the years, ATR has implemented many projects and initiatives aimed at promoting more responsible tourism. Among its actions, the organization has developed training for tourism professionals, created awareness tools for travelers, and participated in campaigns promoting sustainable tourism. These efforts have highlighted best practices and inspired positive change within the industry.

New visual

To mark the association’s 20th anniversary, and as part of the ATR 2030 project, the Communications Committee and the ATR team, acting on a mandate from the Board of Directors, decided to redesign the ATR logo and graphic charter.

ATR keeps the same symbolism as the previous logo: The hand and the earth symbolize travel. They also embody a professional and personal commitment to preserving the planet and its inhabitants.

The colors have evolved but retain their symbolism:

  • The turquoise is a color associated with water and a derivative of green that represents nature and solidarity.
  • The gold is used to remind us not only of earth and sand, but also of the association’s dynamism and the importance of fraternity and sisterhood in our professions.
Nouveau logo des membres ATR Agir pour un Tourisme Responsable

What is Travelife?

Travelife is a global initiative that aims to promote sustainability in the tourism industry, particularly for travel agencies, tourist accommodations and destinations. Founded in 2007, Travelife offers a range of solutions and tools to help tourism industry players adopt sustainable practices.

For travel agencies, Travelife offers a specific certification scheme called “Travelife for Tour Operators“. This program evaluates and certifies companies based on their commitment to sustainable business practices. Criteria cover a wide range of areas, such as waste management, energy consumption, environmental protection, respect for the rights of workers and local communities, as well as promotion of sustainable products and services.

By obtaining Travelife certification, Europ’Aventure has been able to demonstrate its commitment to responsible and sustainable tourism.

Criteria required for Travelife label

To earn the Travelife label, organizations must meet strict criteria, particularly in terms of environmental management, social equity, and economic support to local communities. These criteria ensure that the holidays on offer an authentic and respectful experience, aligned with the principles of sustainable development.

Label Travelife Partner

The Impact of the Label on Your Travels with Europ’Aventure

Stay design

Europ’Aventure’s award of the Travelife label testifies to our commitment to offering holidays that meet high standards of sustainability. This translates into particular attention to the design of itineraries, favoring the discovery of preserved natural sites and respectful interaction with local cultures.

Advantages for hikers

Choosing a Travelife-labeled holiday with Europ’Aventure means opting for an experience that guarantees not only adventure and discovery, but also respect for the environment and local populations. It’s a conscious and ethical way to travel, where every step contributes to the preservation of the wonders we explore.

The Ardennes : an example of a sustainable destination

In the heart of Belgium, the Ardennes is proving to be an emblematic destination for sustainable tourism. This region, known for its green landscapes, dense forests and deep valleys, embodies Europ’Aventure’s commitment to promoting tourism that respects and preserves the natural environment and local communities.

Europ’Aventure, a pioneer in the organization of hiking holidays, has always promoted the Ardennes as an ideal place for outdoor activities aligned with the principles of sustainable tourism. The hikes offered by Europ’Aventure in this region are designed to minimize environmental impact, while maximizing authentic and enriching encounters between travelers and locals.

Europ’Aventure’s approach in the Ardennes is a perfect illustration of the fact that sustainable tourism is not just about protecting the environment. It’s also about promoting a vibrant local economy, encouraging visitors to discover local produce, stay in eco-friendly accommodation and take part in activities that support the local economy.

The Ardennes offers a multitude of hiking itineraries, from gentle routes suitable for families to more demanding challenges for experienced hikers. Each route is an invitation to discover the region’s natural beauty, picturesque villages, ancient castles and historic sites, while practicing respectful, responsible tourism.

In this way, the Ardennes stands out as a model sustainable destination, where every hike is a step towards more conscious and respectful tourism. At Europ’Aventure, we’re proud to guide you through this magnificent region, offering travel experiences that celebrate and preserve the richness of our natural and cultural environment.

Cours d'eau au milieu d'une forêt avec des canards pendant une randonnée Europ'aventure