Our policy for sustainable tourism

Our policy for sustainable tourism

This document summarizes Europ’Aventure’s mission and our sustainable development policy. It was written on 30/11/2023 by Jean-François Lambert, director, as part of Europ’Aventure’s work to obtain Travelife certification. Jean-François Lambert is Europ Aventure’s sustainability referent, and has passed all the necessary Travelife tests.

Last update: 01/12/2023

Our mission

“For over 30 years, Europ’Aventure has been a committed player in the development of hiking tourism in the Ardennes. As a creator of walking and cycling holidays and as a travel agency, we are aware of our key role and influence in the sustainable development of tourism.

At Europ’Aventure, our aim is to contribute to a just society and a preserved environment through the creation of sustainable tourism products and through our day-to-day actions.

We also help our suppliers achieve higher sustainability standards and encourage our customers to become aware of and adopt more sustainable travel practices.”

Jean-François Lambert, Director of Europ’Aventure

Our sustainable development policy

At Europ’Aventure, we consider sustainability to be a fundamental pillar of our identity and are aware of our responsibility to the planet. Our sustainability policy is much more than a set of principles; it’s a deep commitment to environmental preservation, social responsibility and an ethical approach to our activities.

We recognize the impact that every action can have on our world, and it is in this spirit that we forge a sustainable path, guided by respect for nature, the well-being of people and respect for local communities.

We have summarized our sustainable development policy into 4 main themes, and for each we have drawn up a list of actions to be taken. To make this policy even more concrete, we have also translated it into a 3-year action plan that we have drawn up in partnership with Travelife. This action plan is detailed with budgeted objectives and dates.

Internal management

Waste management and paper use

  • Actively encourage the use of paperless practices in our internal operations.
  • Promote electronic communications, electronic signatures and document dematerialization.
  • Commit to using recycled and FSC-certified paper when unavoidable.
  • Selectively collect waste paper for recycling.
  • Encourage our partners, suppliers and customers to adopt similar practices to create an environmentally conscious supply chain.

Supplier selection and responsible purchasing

  • Favoring suppliers who share our values of sustainability and ethics.
  • Encourage partnerships with local companies committed to environmentally and socially responsible practices.
  • Prefer sustainable, recycled and certified ecological products when purchasing materials.
  • Encourage the use of energy-efficient equipment and assess the carbon footprint of products purchased.
  • Minimize packaging waste and favor reusable options.
  • Support local initiatives by encouraging the purchase of products and services from local communities.


  • Implement measures to improve energy efficiency.
  • Reduce electricity consumption and promote responsible use of resources.
  • Invest in energy-saving technologies such as LED lighting and low-consumption electronic appliances.
  • Establish strict protocols for switching off non-essential equipment outside working hours.
  • Encourage the use of low-energy electronic equipment.
  • Raise staff awareness of the importance of energy conservation through regular information campaigns.
  • Regularly monitor and evaluate energy performance, adjusting our practices according to identified opportunities for improvement.


  • Organize regular awareness-raising sessions to inform staff about sustainable initiatives and their importance.
  • Develop a clear internal sustainability policy, focusing on the roles and responsibilities of each employee.
  • Encourage active staff participation by soliciting ideas and suggestions for improving the sustainability of operations.
  • Recognize and reward individual and collective initiatives that contribute to sustainability.
  • Promote human resources management practices that foster employee well-being and reduce turnover.
  • Implement flexible initiatives such as telecommuting to minimize travel.
  • Integrate sustainability objectives into individual performance appraisals.
  • Provide ongoing training on best practices and new trends in sustainability.

Our supply chain


According to a 2019 study by the UNWTO (World Tourism Organization), transport-related greenhouse gas emissions from tourism accounted for 5% of total anthropogenic emissions in 2016, rising to 5.3% by 2030. It is therefore essential to use low-emission transport when traveling.

Here are our transport commitments:

  • Favoring eco-responsible modes of transportation such as electric vehicles and partnerships with transportation service providers who share our sustainability values.
  • Encourage the use of low-emission or hybrid vehicles for transfers and baggage transport.
  • Choose destinations that are accessible by public transport, so that our travellers can choose to come on vacation by train or bus.
  • Include information on sustainable transport options in our travel documents to raise customer awareness.
  • Offer incentives, such as discounts or benefits, to customers who choose environmentally-friendly transport options.
  • Calculate the carbon emissions generated by travel and set up compensation programs, such as tree planting or support for environmental projects.
  • Integrate a voluntary offset option into travel packages to enable customers to contribute to the carbon neutrality of their experience.
  • Regularly evaluate available transportation options to ensure that the most sustainable and efficient technologies and modes are used.


  • Establish partnerships with establishments with recognized environmental certifications.
  • Favoring hotels, inns and guesthouses committed to eco-responsible practices, such as water management, waste reduction and the use of renewable energies.
  • Favoring local and independent accommodation to support local economies and encourage responsible tourism.
  • Promote authentic, traditional accommodation experiences that reflect local culture.
  • Work with accommodations to reduce waste, by encouraging the use of recyclable products and setting up recycling programs.

Excursions & organized activities

We attach great importance to preserving nature and animal welfare. We are firmly opposed to the destruction of wildlife and the pollution of the environment.

We are committed to this through the following actions:

  • Advise customers on standards of behavior during excursions and hikes, with an emphasis on respect for local culture, nature and the environment.
  • Do not propose excursions that are harmful to humans, animals, plants, natural resources such as water and energy, or that are socially and culturally unacceptable.
  • Do not offer excursions in which wildlife is held in captivity, with the exception of activities that are properly regulated in accordance with local, national and international legislation.
  • Advise our customers on excursions and hikes that directly involve and support local communities.
  • Advise our customers on excursions and activities that support the local environment and biodiversity, such as visits to protected areas or environmental protection projects.


Based on an inventory of our main partner agencies, we have drawn up and implemented a policy aimed at improving the sustainability of our partner agencies. Our aim is to make sustainable development a reality for all our partners.

We are committed to this through the following actions:

  • Maintain a list of best-practice agent partners, and give preference to partners with recognized sustainability certifications.
  • Inform key partners about Travelife tourism standards and national sustainability regulations.
  • When choosing new partners, we give priority to those who are in line with our philosophy and practices.

Our Stays

Europ’Aventure is first and foremost a creator of hiking holidays. We want our stays to be in line with our philosophy and principles. We are committed to this through the following actions:

  • Choose destinations close to Belgium and exclusively in Europe.
  • Favoring destinations that preserve biodiversity.
  • Encouraging our customers to appreciate and respect unique ecosystems.
  • Encourage sustainable modes of transport on our itineraries.
  • Limit access to sensitive areas to preserve the environment.
  • Promote environmentally-friendly activities.
  • Encourage our customers to adopt a respectful attitude and contribute positively to local economies.
  • Work closely with hosting and service providers.
  • Shaping a tourism that not only enriches our customers, but also contributes to the preservation of our planet’s cultural and natural diversity.
  • Continue to evaluate and adjust our practices to maximize benefits for local populations and minimize our impact on the environment.

Through these actions, Europ’Aventure aspires to be an exemplary player in the field of sustainable tourism, placing the preservation of the environment and respect for local communities at the heart of its commitments.

Communication and customer protection

  • Set up transparent communication channels to inform customers about our sustainable practices.
  • Provide detailed information on the environmental and social impacts of our trips.
  • Include awareness-raising messages in our pre-trip communications to encourage responsible behavior.
  • Include practical advice on preserving the environment and respecting local cultures.
  • Encourage customers to provide feedback on their experience, including aspects related to sustainability and safety.
  • Use customer feedback to constantly improve our practices and meet their needs.
  • Regularly update customers on local health conditions and requirements.
  • Raising customer awareness of the benefits of ethical and responsible tourism.
  • Encourage participation in initiatives to preserve and support biodiversity and local communities.
  • Establish an effective process to address customer concerns related to sustainability and safety.
  • Demonstrate our commitment by taking corrective action when necessary.
  • Highlight these certifications in our communications to demonstrate our commitment to quality and safety.

By following these actions, Europ’Aventure aims to establish transparent communication and ensure the physical and cultural safety of its customers, while promoting responsible and ethical travel practices.