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  • Discovering La Calestienne – UNESCO Geopark


    This stay allows you to discover the magnificent region of the Calestienne in the heart of the Geopark Ardenne-Famenne labeled by UNESCO. It is certainly the one that allows the most flexibility because it offers the possibility for walkers to alternate between a walking day and a rest day. It also allows families to travel shorter routes and does not have the constraint of carrying luggage.

  • Grand Tour between Famenne and Ardenne


    The Grand Tour entre Ardenne et Famenne is a 126 km, 6-stage loop that combines the two best-known routes of the “GTA – Maison de la randonnée” association, the Transardennaise and Transfamenne. Europ’Aventure takes care of all the logistics: accommodation, luggage transport,…

  • On the Art trail in Condroz-Famenne


    “Sentiers d’Art en Condroz-Famenne” is a 155 km loop featuring 55 works of Land’art in the heart of nature, created by Belgian and international artists. Europ’Aventure offers you the opportunity to walk part of this marked trail (red rectangle with the inscription “Sentiers d’Art”) during a 65 km loop in 3 stages. You will have the opportunity to discover more than twenty of the exhibited works and you will stay in pleasant guest houses.

  • The Transfamenne


    The Transfamenne is a 57 km walk in 3 stages. It links Nassogne to La Roche-en-Ardenne, passing through some of the most beautiful countryside in the heart of the Ardenne-Famenne Geopark. Europ’Aventure takes care of all the logistics so that you can make the most of your stay.