Vue aérienne d'une boucle de rivière serpentant à travers des forêts et des prairies dans les Ardennes belges, avec des zones de pique-nique et des chemins de randonnée.

Why is the Ardennes the ideal place for a sustainable excursion in Belgium?

The Ardennes is proving to be the perfect destination for those looking to get away close to home and adopt a sustainable travel approach. With its green landscapes, serene waterways and rich cultural heritage, it has everything to charm in an eco-responsible way.

Europ’Aventure has been a recognized player in sustainable tourism in the Ardennes for nearly 40 years. Now based in Saint-Hubert, the European capital of nature and hunting, our team welcomes you into the heart of nature. By bringing hiking enthusiasts to its lands, Europ’Aventure is involved in local and regional life, as an economic enterprise of tourist interest, as part of territorial development and a player in regional animation.

For many years, Europ’Aventure has opted for local travel. We don’t offer any destinations outside Europe, and 90% of our stays are in Belgium. Thanks to this commitment was recently recognized by the label ATR (Agir pour un Tourisme Durable). In this article, Europ’Aventure invites you to discover why this region is ideal for your next sustainable excursions in Belgium. So read on and follow us as we explore the Belgian Ardennes.

Un randonneur contemple la rivière sinueuse depuis un rocher en surplomb, entouré de feuillage vert, dénotant un moment de réflexion au cœur des Ardennes belges.

Rediscover the wonders of Belgium with nearcation

In recent years, the travel sector has seen the emergence of the practice of “nearcation“. In truth, what does this practice entail and what are its advantages? Europ’Aventure tells you more below.

A new era in travel

The term “nearcation” comes from the fusion of the English words “near“, for “near” and “vacation” for “holidays“. It refers to the tendency to travel local, in regions near home.

More than a trend, nearcation responds to a double desire: to escape from everyday life without moving away geographically, and to rediscover the hidden treasures of your country or region. It is therefore an appealing alternative to expensive and energy-hungry long trips.

Positive impact on the environment and regional economy

By choosing nearcation, you’re opting for a mode of travel responsible and conscious. On the one hand, this urges you to favor short trips and soft mobility for your excursion. In this way, you reduce your greenhouse gas emissions and consequently, your environmental impactl.

On the other hand, excursions in Belgium allow you to spend your holiday budget (less important than for a big trip) on local activities. You thus maintain the economy of your own country. In other words, you participate in a virtuous circle for the community and the environment near you.

The Ardennes for a successful nearcation in Belgium

A natural treasure

With its landscapes to take your breath away and its rich biodiversity, the Ardennes is the ideal region for a excursion to Belgium. Are you adept at vast, dense forests for your hikes? Prefer to admire the water courses in the fresh air? Whatever your preference, the Ardennes is full of landscapes just waiting to be admired. And with its fauna and flora varied, it’s the ideal place for lovers of nature and photography.

A cultural heritage

Of course, this region of Belgium is not limited to its natural wealth. It’s also home to a rich cultural heritage. We suggest 3 tracks for a historical visit to the Ardennes.

  • A visit to the ruins of the former Cistercian Abbey of Orval offers you the chance to discover a place charged with authenticity. Depending on your expectations, you’ll be enthralled by the ancient sacred art collections or the evidence of everyday Cistercian life, housed in the 18th-century cellars. You can also sample their Trappist beer, reputed to be one of the best in the world.
  • Revisit the history of the Battle of the Bulge at the Bastogne War Museum. Through the daily lives of 4 endearing characters, immerse yourself in historical re-enactments that will engage all your senses.
  • Follow the way of freedom and rediscover the path taken by the American army to liberate Belgium from occupation in 1944.

3 types of activities for a sustainable Belgian excursion

Choosing an excursion to the Ardennes means choosing the proximity getaway. This way, you avoid flying, favor soft mobility and reduce your environmental impact.

Is that all? Quite the contrary! The Ardennes region abounds with possibilities for a successful sustainable excursion.  Europ’Aventure is the specialist in organizin groaming holidays in the Ardennes. Below, Europ’Aventure presents the 3 types of activities to discover the region while preserving the environment.

On our paths to the rhythm of your footsteps

What better way to preserve nature than to explore it on foot without touching it? To enjoy the Belgian Ardennes landscapes while respecting the environment, opt for hiking.

Are you a novice or rather experienced walker? The region is full of itineraries offering a unique and immersive experience for all levels. We can offer you itinerant or star-based stays.

  • Beginner hikers, between Lesse and Semois : This route starts from the Lesse and plunges back into the Semois at Bouillon. It offers picturesque views of the river and surrounding forests. Over the course of 2 days, you’ll discover the tranquility and beauty of the Ardennes on this tour with no major difficulties. From Daverdisse to the fortified castle of Bouillon, experience the blend of nature and culture on this itinerary accessible to all.
  • Intermediate hikers, the Transardennaise: Feeling the urge for adventure?  Opt for Belgium’s best-known hiking route. With the Transardennaise, you can choose the length of your trip from 3 to 9 days. You’ll plunge into the forests of Feyr and Saint-Hubert and enjoy the valleys of the Ourthe, Lesse and Semois rivers. To add a typical touch to your trip, you’ll also visit the small villages of southern Belgium and the castle of Bouillon.
Un randonneur avec un sac à dos et des bâtons de marche suit un chemin de gravier entouré de verdure luxuriante dans les Ardennes belges.

Cycle touring in nature

The Ardennes, with its river valleys, rolling plateaus and dense forests, offers an idyllic setting for cycle touring. This way, you enjoy the region while respecting the tranquillity of nature and encouraging mobility gentle.

  • For families or beginners, the Route de la Sûre: In 2 stages, ride 86 kilometers through the verdant landscapes of southern Belgium. This route takes you through the Ourthe, Laval and Sûre valleys. You’ll also enjoy the region’s typical villages on this tranquil and exotic route.
  • For thrill-seekers, the Transardennaise mountain biking: A mountain-biking paradise, the Transardennaise Nord welcomes you for 166 kilometers of pleasure linking La Roche-en-Ardenne to Bouillon. Along Belgium’s most legendary route, you’ll join mountain bike enthusiasts on a journey that’s as physical as it is rejuvenating, but that’s not all. You’ll also discover the various valleys of the region and the picturesque charm of the surrounding villages.  

Observe the flora and fauna

Observing the flora and fauna leads you to reconnect with the nature that surrounds us. And in the Ardennes, this flora and fauna is particularly rich, providing you with an enriching activity.

However, for this practice to remain beneficial for the environment and local species, it must be carried out in a respectful and conscious manner. Find below some tips for eco-responsible observation.

  • Maintain a respectful distance: To observe animals without disturbing them, maintain a certain distance from them. Use binoculars instead to minimize the impact of your presence.
  • Respect silence: Loud noises frighten wildlife and can disrupt ecosystems. Speak in a low voice when exploring so as not to frighten the surrounding nature.
  • Don’t feed the animals: Untimely feeding disrupts the animals’ feeding habits. On a larger scale, it can make them dependent on humans.
  • Follow the marked trails : To protect the flora and avoid disturbing natural habitats, always stay on the marked trails during your hikes or excursions. At Europ’Aventure, our hikes are clearly marked and easy to understand. We are partners of the two major Belgian associations in charge of marking Grants Itineraries: the asbl GR as for the Semois GR16 trail and the asbl “GTA – Maison de la randonnée” for the Transardennaise and the Transfamenne for example.
  • Don’t pick plants: Some plants may be rare or protected. Picking flowers or plants can harm biodiversity and the natural life of species. Remember: there must be no trace of your presence.

Plan your trip to the Ardennes with Europ’Aventure

Feel like taking the plunge and organizing your next excursion to the region? Whether you prefer walks in the middle of nature, historical visits or tours Mountain bike, Europ’Aventure offers the excursion that suits you.

Un randonneur se tient sur un pont de rondins au-dessus d'une rivière brumeuse au lever du jour dans les Ardennes belges, un moment de sérénité en pleine nature.

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