Guide Out and about in the Ardennes


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This guide “Out and about in the Ardennes” includes five tours that all start and end in Beauplateau (municipality of Saint-Ode in Belgium).
Five mushrooms that you will find in our forests and meadows are in the spotlight: the yolk mushroom, the parasol mushroom, the boletus mushroom, the ink mushroom and the meadow mushroom.

These five circuits with start and finish in Beauplateau are part of a network of 268 km of signposted routes.
They invite you to enjoy a stay of one or more days walking and discovering the valleys of the Ourthe and Laval. Alone, in a group or as a family.
You will discover a little-known area while walking in forests and through meadows, where you will also become acquainted with local customs, heritage, fauna and flora and regional cuisine. The guide also contains some nice recipes based on regional products. These allow you to enjoy your trips at home.