Top 10 family activities in the Ardennes

Top 10 family activities in the Ardennes

Organising a superb hike with Europ’Aventure is great, but adding family activities is even better! Our region is full of incredible museums, wildlife parks, amusement parks, and plenty of other activities to do with the family and nature. Don’t hesitate to plan one of these activities before, during or after your organized hike to mix nature, culture and leisure in one stay.

In the Saint-Hubert area

Domaine du Fourneau Saint-Michel

Dive into the heart of the life of the past, in a preserved natural setting, to discover an exceptional heritage… »

Between the villages of Saint-Hubert and Nassogne, on the Transardennaise route, discover the Domaine du Fourneau Saint-Michel The Domaine du Fourneau Saint-Michel offers large play areas, activities for children, temporary events and two distinct but complementary museums. On the one hand, the Iron Museum and its remarkable 18th century blast furnace. Discover through interactive animations the history, the manufacturing techniques of cast iron and its importance. On the other side, an open-air museum dedicated to rural life in Wallonia with the aim of safeguarding the built heritage. Go back in time through the walk dedicated to the discovery of eight traditional hamlets: houses, farms, school, chapels, bakery, … A representation of the habitat and rural trades of the past.

Domaine du Fourneau Saint-Michel, Saint-Hubert - Family activities in the Ardennes
Domaine du Fourneau Saint-Michel – ©FamenneArdenne

Europ’Aventure recommendation
plan to spend a lunchtime on the site to enjoy an Ardennes plate and a good local beer sitting on the terrace of the Auberge du Prévost.

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Saint-Hubert Game Park

“Discover the game of our Ardennes in the heart of its natural habitat! »

A protected natural area, the Saint-Hubert Game Park is home to many animals such as hinds, deer, fawns, roe deer, wild boar and many farm animals. Various walking routes are proposed with a didactic hall, playgrounds, a local restaurant, watchtowers, barbecues, … Enough to satisfy young and old!

The game park of Saint-Hubert - Family activities in the Ardennes
Saint-Hubert Game Park – ©WallonieBelgiqueTourisme

Europ’Aventure recommendation
Combine the Transardennaise or the Grand Tour between Lesse and Lomme with the incredible visit of the game park! This is an activity specifically designed for small children and allows them to stop in the middle of the woods.

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In the region of Redu


“Art otherwise”

In the beautiful village of Redu, take a cultural break during your walk on the Grand Tour between Lesse and Lomme to discover 300 original and international works of art presented in a playful, simple and attractive way! With the objective of “having fun at the museum” , everything is set up to create a unique experience for the visitor. Interactive activities, attractions, games, challenges, quizzes, fascinating stories, all accompanied by an audioguide specially designed for young audiences!

Mudia Museum, Redu - Family activities in the Ardennes
Mudia – ©ArdennesEtapes

Europ’Aventure recommendation
Compared to other classical art museums, this museum is specifically designed to teach the little ones about painting!

More information on the website: https: //

Euro Space Center

The only space theme park in Europe

Located near the village of Transinne and easily accessible from the highway. Learn while having fun about space, its history and its conquest. Accompanied by temporary exhibitions, theEuro Space Center allows you to experience the astronauts’ training for a day! You will learn more about the European Space Agency (you may have seen one of their buildings on the the Transardennaise), on the planets and celestial bodies, satellites, … The main attractions of this site remain the moon walk simulator and the film shown in the planetarium!

Euro Space Center, Redu- Family activities in the Ardennes
Euro Space Center – ©RTBF

Europ’Aventure recommendation
A detour that is really worthwhile and which is accessible before or after the stays on the Grand Tour between Lesse and Lomme or the Transardennaise. Be careful to plan at least one day!


More information on the website: https: //

In the region of La Roche-En-Ardenne

Chlorophylle Park

“Go and discover all the secrets of the Ardennes forest on a two-kilometre route! »

Close to the starting point of the Transardennaise and the finish of theEisleck Trail, the Chlorophylle park offers you more than 30 didactic spaces on the discovery of nature and incredible playgrounds. The discovery trail will surprise you from the treetops… A 200-metre long footbridge, more than 15 metres high, is filled with themed huts, interactive games and observation points!

Chlorophylle Park, La Roche-En-Ardenne - Family activities in the Ardennes
Chlorophylle Park – ©ArdennesEtape

Europ’Aventure recommendation
A perfect afternoon for nature lovers!


More information on the website: http: //

La Roche-en-Ardenne adventure park

“An experience in the trees to spend fun moments with your family

This tree climbing circuit offers 74 workshops related to nature and organizes different courses depending on the age of your children! Stay in the forest atmosphere of our hikes throughout this activity!

Parc Aventures, La Roche-en-Ardenne - Family activities in the Ardennes
Parc Aventures – ©ParcAventure

Europ’Aventure recommendation
Parc Aventures has a unique insurance system in Belgium that makes it impossible to detach the karabiners throughout the course… Safety guaranteed for the whole family!


More information on the website: https: //

In the Bouillon region

Bouillon Animal Park

” Discover the world’s animals with your family “

Close to the arrival point of the Transardennaise and in the vicinity of the Transgaumaise, end your hike in the company of more than 100 different species over a 2 kilometre route… You will have the chance to rub shoulders with the animals of our Ardennes and other species from other continents

Bouillon Animal Park Ardennes Belgium - Family activities in the Ardennes
Animal park of Bouillon – ©ParcAnimalierBouillon

Europ’Aventure recommendation
At the end of the walk, your little ones can enjoy the incredible playground and you can take advantage of the park’s brasserie-restaurant.

More information on the website: https: //

In the Houffalize region

Barefoot trails

“An original, surprising and healthy activity. »

In the heart of the natural park of the two Ourthes, the farm of the board offers a 3 kilometer walk barefoot. Enter in communion with nature… Wood, stone, earth and water form a safe path accessible to all. A playground, a cafeteria and zero waste picnic areas are also available along the route. Go and enjoy an unforgettable sensory experience!

Barefoot paths, Houffalize - Family activities in the Ardennes
Barefoot trails – ©LePetitMoutard

Europ’Aventure recommendation
Some shortcuts have been arranged and all parts of the walk are safe for less athletic or less able people.

More information on the website: http: //

Houtopia, universe of the senses

Recreational and educational centre dedicated to the discovery of the 5 senses. »

The indoor space of Houtopia is dedicated to experiments, sensory manipulations and other recreational activities. And for sunnier days, you will find an incredible outdoor playground with an adventure course and a slide of more than 30 meters above the river. What better way to end your hiking trip with Europ’Aventure?

Houtopia, Houffalize - Family activities in the Ardennes
Houtopia – ©RTBF

Europ’Aventure recommendation
The perfect universe to learn while having fun! Suitable for children of all ages.

More information on the website: https: //

Aqua l’O – Vayamundo

A paradise for those who love water! »

Centre dedicated to well-being, leisure and recreational activities… Aqua l’O is a 25-metre recreational pool, slides, a wild river, bubble baths, a waterfall and many other aquatic infrastructures! For the little ones, there are small pools with a paddling pool and for the older ones, a balneo bath and hammams or sauna.

Aqua l'O, Vayamundo, Houffalize - Family activities in the Ardennes
Aqua l’O, Vayamundo – ©ArdennesMagazine

Europ’Aventure recommendation
On the Transardennaise cycling route but also close to many other hiking routes, the Aqua O is an excellent activity to relax after several days of walking.

More information on the website: https: //

All the activities presented on this page can be easily combined with Europ’Aventure stays. They are located on our routes. Do not hesitate to ask us for information or advice when making your reservation.

We encourage families to discover the Ardennes through our hiking trips but we are aware of the importance of alternating walking and play activities for children.

In any case, spend time with your children, have fun, have unique experiences and learn new things. Don’t look any further, Wallonia is full of unsuspected treasures that it is eager to share with you. More ideas for family activities on the Wallonia Belgium Tourism website: https: //