Guide La Transardennaise – Edition 2021


New edition 2021 ! Hiking guide for hikers wishing to cover the 160 km of this route linking La Roche-en-Ardenne to Bouillon. Discover Belgium’s best-known signposted route: the Transardennaise in freedom with this guidebook in hand, and make plenty of discoveries! Technical descriptions, maps, anecdotes, environmental information…


NEW EDITION 2021 !!!!!

The reference guide for the Transardennaise co-written by Françoise Lempereur and Denis Jusseret. This great itinerary, designed more than 30 years ago by the GTA association, takes you from La Roche-en-Ardenne to Bouillon and its famous castle. He will make you discover typical Ardennes villages (Cens, Lavacherie, Nassogne, Awenne, Redu, Sensenruth,…), cross majestic forests (Freyr and Saint-Michel), but also admire the valleys of the Ourthe, Lesse and Semois rivers.

Discover the new updated edition in 2021. 175 pages to discover all the hidden treasures of the Transardennaise but also the 57 km of the Transfamenne as well as various one-day loops.

175 pages – complete guide to the Transardennaise, Transfamenne and 12 day walks

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