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Hiking in the Mullerthal: everything you need to know about the region

Are you looking for a breathtaking hike around Luxembourg? The Mullerthal region is the destination for you. Famous for its landscapes made up of forests, rocks and waterfalls, the Mullerthal region promises unforgettable adventures for walkers of all levels. Always listening to its hikers, Europ’Aventure has recently added this destination to its catalog.

Want to find out more? In this article, Europ’Aventure introduces you to the region of Mullerthal and its exciting hikes. And as a bonus, find some tips for planning your adventure.

Why choose the Mullerthal region for your next hike?

Often dubbed the Little Luxembourg Switzerland, the Mullerthal region is a real nugget for hiking enthusiasts. So what’s so special about it? Europ’Aventure tells you more about these enchanting surroundings and why they make an ideal choice for your next hike. 

Diverse landscapes

What makes the Mullerthal region so charming is precisely the variety of its landscapes. Do you appreciate dense, mysterious forests? Do you prefer impressive rock formations? Are you seduced by cascades and quiet valleys? You’ll find all these landscapes through a dense network of signposted walks.

The region’s varied scenery is a delight to all who visit. That’s why the Mullerthal region is perfectly suited to enthusiasts of “geotourism“, i.e. tourism that explores the geological beauties of special sites. This diversity thus ensures you experience each hike as a unique and disorienting adventure.

Randonnée Mullerthal dans une forêt dense et mystérieuse

Quality trails with Mullerthal Trail

The Mullerthal Trail is the beating heart of the region’s trails. This magnificent signposted route offers 112 kilometers of hiking across 3 circuits, known as “routes”. All the trails have been awarded the “Leading Quality Trails – Best of Europe” certification.

This distinction underlines the excellence of the development and maintenance of the trails, but also their accessibility and safety for hikers of all levels. Indeed, you benefit from clear markings and well-thought-out infrastructures for a smooth and enjoyable hiking experience.

Cultural and historical wealth

Mullerthall isn’t just a prime trail and hiking destination. It’s also a place rich in history and culture. In addition to spectacular trails and rock formations, the Mullerthall region contains fortified castles as interesting as romantic.

For example, Route 3 of the Mullerthall Trail takes in the Renaissance castle, Larochette castle and the ruins of Beaufort castle, built between the 11th and 17th centuries. These wonders promise to delight your pupils as well as your thirst for historical knowledge.

Focus on Mullerthall’s must-see trails

Mullerthal Trail Route 1: Echternach and the Sûre River

This first loop takes you 36.7 kilometers, for an estimated medium difficulty. At the start, you can visit the historic center of Echternach, known as the oldest town in Luxembourg. You’ll also discover the Willinrord Basilica and the Gisterklaus Chapel.

For lovers of rivers and waterholes, the Mullerthal Trail Route 1 runs along the Sûre River, on the border with Germany.

Mullerthal Trail Route 2: the Berdorf rocks

This second route can be taken as a loop in its own right, or as a second stage after Route 1, if you wish to extend your stay. Either way, it lets you enjoy its 39.1 kilometers of breathtaking scenery.

You’ll traverse a rocky nature that will delight fans of rocky landscapes and thrills. On this hike, you’ll discover the Wollefsschlucht, also known as the Wolf’s Gorge, an area as escarp as it is magnificent. You’ll also admire the roches de Berdorf, a well-known feature of the region (along with its specialty, Berdorf Cheese).

Mullerthal Trail Route 3: spring and castle

Last but not least, Route 3 of the Muller Trail takes you through its historic paths for 37.9 kilometers. As explained above, this loop allows you to discover the ruins of the Beaufort castle, the ruins of the Larochette castle as well as the Renaissance castle.

Still, expecting a green patch after this historical section? You won’t be disappointed. Indeed, Route 3 takes you to a romantic ponton. There, you can admire the Schéissendëmpel, the famous cascade with its shimmering colors. 

A few tips for planning your adventure

Are you hesitating to embark on a walk in the region? Below, Europ’Aventure gives you some advice on how to properly prepare for your adventure. If you’d like more information, we suggest our article on how to well prepare for a hike.

Period and equipment

  • Period: The Mullerthal region lends itself to hiking almost all year round. However, please note that some hotels nearby may be closed in winter season. Please do not hesitate to ask us about the best options so that we can reserve accommodation for the various stages of your stay.
  • Equipment: A good pair of hiking shoes is indispensable for navigating the varied trails of the Mullerthal region. Also remember to pack clothing suitable for the weather, sun protection, and enough water and snacks to maintain your energy as well as a comfortable backpack.

Lighting information

With Mullerthal Trail’s way marking system, you’re assured of a safe hiking experience and unhindered. Indeed, the trails are marked by two types of distinctive symbols.

On the one hand, the red “M” on a white background designates the main roads. On the other, the orange “M” concerns ExtraTours, i.e. alternative trails that are not part of Routes 1, 2 and 3 presented above. These beacons are present at each major intersection and help you stay on the right path.

Paying attention to these beacons and planning your route in advance will allow you to navigate the area with confidence. Prefer to delegate the organization of your stay? Europ’Aventure is here to help. We take care of all the logistics. You’ll also receive a detailed map in your tour pack. It includes the 3 Grand Tours as well as the Extra Tours.

Europ’Aventure, your hiking companion in Mullerthal

Specializing in tailor-made adventures, Europ’Aventure enriches your hiking experience in Mullerthal. We tailor every detail of your stay to your preferences, whether you go alone, with your family, or in a group. So let us know the logistics of the trip, and enjoy your hike with peace of mind.

Arriving by car or public transport? Would you like to book an extra night to enjoy breakfast after a well-deserved night’s sleep? Are you walking with your dog? Europ’Aventure takes care of your hike as well as your needs.

Europ’Aventure offers various options from two stages of walking to discover the Mullerthal Trail Route 2 to the discovery of the entire 3 Routes, i.e. 112 km in 6 stages.

Couple admirant la vue pendant la randonnée Mullerthal