Finisher Medal – EscapArdenne Eisleck Trail – 106 km




Finisher Medal – EscapArdenne Eisleck Trail – 106 km

The Eislek Trail, which runs between Kautenbach and La Roche-en-Ardenne, crosses wild riverbanks, romantic plateaus and formidable escarpments, also presents a very diverse landscape. You will find a paradise that will grant all the wishes of hikers. Through the forests, fields and pastures, a real cornucopia of natural and cultural treasures will be showcased. Thus, this hike connects the Belgian-Luxembourg Ardennes over a length of 106 km.

A 106 km hike is not done in one day…! Here are the stages that the Escapardenne Eislek Trail offers you:

Kautenbach – Munshausen: 25 km or Clervaux: 25,5 km
Clervaux – Asselborn : 20 km
Asselborn – Houffalize : 20 km
Houffalize – Nadrin : 23 km
Nadrin – La Roche-en-Ardenne : 18 km