Mountain Biking in Belgium: Adventures, Landscapes, and Culture

Looking for unforgettable mountain biking adventures in Belgium? Discover with us why this country, famous for its varied terrains and breathtaking panoramas, is the perfect choice for bike enthusiasts of all levels. From the mysterious Ardennes to sunny Gaume, Belgium promises experiences rich in nature and culture.

Curious about the best itineraries and receive tips for a successful hike? Follow the Europ’Aventure guide for a detailed exploration of Belgium’s mountain bike gems.

Why is Belgium a must for mountain bikers?

Belgium, with its varied terrain and breathtaking panoramas, stands out as a key destination for mountain bike enthusiasts. From plains to plateaus, this country offers a multitude of opportunities to explore diverse terrain and enjoy unique experiences on two wheels.

Diverse terrain and beautiful landscapes

Mountain biking in Belgium is first and foremost a story of diversity. Between ancestral forests, mysterious valleys and rolling hills, each pedal stroke transports you to a new setting. The carefully crafted itineraries lead you through exceptional panoramas where the nature is king.

Imagine yourself spinning along the trails of the Ardennes, with its dense woods and spectacular vistas. Each region reveals its secrets to adventurous cyclists.

Routes to suit all levels

Belgium also shines in its ability to offer itineraries suitable for all. Whether you’re a beginner looking to sample the joys of mountain biking or an expert in search of technical challenges, there’s a route for you. From easy start loops to demanding routes with significant gradients, each route is a promise of adventure.

Cultural and historical richness of the regions crossed

Mountain biking in Belgium isn’t just about sport. It’s also an invitation to immerse yourself in a rich cultural and historical heritage. Each region we cross is an opportunity to discover castles, picturesque villages and historic sites that tell the story of these lands for thousands of years.

Wallonia, for example, offers a unique combination of mountain biking and cultural discovery, enriching the cyclist’s experience beyond the physical effort.

The best regions for mountain biking in Belgium

Belgium is packed with regions ideal for mountain biking, each offering unique features and unforgettable experiences. From the Belgian Ardennes to the Gaume, mountain bike enthusiasts will find routes to suit them, combining sporting challenge and cultural discovery.

The Belgian Ardennes

The Belgian Ardennes are distinguished by their wild beauty and rugged terrain, ideal for mountain bike enthusiasts. This region, known for its dense forests, rolling hills and deep valleys, offers a variety of routes that test cyclists’ technique and fitness.
The routes wind between impressive viewpoints and exhilarating descents, offering thrills to riders of all levels. The region is also dotted with charming villages where local traditions add to the overall experience.

The Gaume

Nicknamed the “Belgian Little Provence“, the Gaume amazes with its gentle climate and rolling landscapes. Mountain bike routes here are bathed in sunshine, passing through fields, forests and picturesque villages. The mild climate makes this region particularly pleasant for cycling, especially in spring and summer. We offer our customers, a superb stay on the transgaumaise mountain bike trail.

The routes, although less demanding than in the Ardennes, offer great diversity with accessible climbs and playful descents.

The Gaume is the perfect place for those looking to combine the pleasure of mountain biking with the discovery of charming, sunny landscapes.

Discover Belgium by mountain bike with Europ’Aventure

Specializing in routes in the Ardennes, Famenne, and Gaume regions, Europ’Aventure offers tailor-made tours, including accommodation, luggage transport, and much more.

The Transardennaise


The Transardennaise by Moutain Bike is an adventure linking La Roche-en-Ardenne to Bouillon over 166 km, broken down into 4 captivating stages through the Belgian Ardennes. It cuts through deep forests, skirts splendid valleys, and passes through landscapes characteristic of the province of Luxembourg.

This route takes you through charming villages like Redu, known as the Village of the Book, and Nassogne. What’s more, you’ll also discover visiting Saint-Hubert, famous as the European capital of hunting and nature.

Available all year round and designed for cyclists of all levels, it offers a flexible riding experience. This adventure lets you fully immerse yourself in the beauty of the Ardennes.


The northern section of the Transardennaise by Moutain Bike is an invitation to explore 102 km of adventure in 2 stages, from Malmedy to La Roche-en-Ardenne. This route appeals to mountain bikers with its northern Ardennes landscapes and its passage through Houffalize, an iconic town for mountain bikers.

Offering a joining possibility with the southern section for an experience extended to 268 km, this northern section promises an intense discovery of natural splendors and technical challenges, suitable for a wide range of mountain bikers.

The Transgaumaise

The Transgaumaise by mountain bike is a unique 148 km loop ride that explores the Gaume, often dubbed the “Little Belgian Provence” for its mild climate. This adventure takes you through beautiful landscapes, including the picturesque village of Torgny and the Abbey of Orval, famous for its beer. You also cross the French border, adding an international dimension to your journey.

Suitable for a 2 or 3-day getaway, this tour promises not only immersion in the region’s natural beauty but also discovery of its cultural and gastronomic heritage.

The Freedom Trail

The Liberty Road is a 68 km mountain bike route, located in the Bastogne region. This immersive ride links important sites of memory from the World War II, offering a unique perspective on the events of 1944-45.

Suitable for mountain bikers and pedestrians, this route is part of the European Liberation Road, crossing the communes of Bastogne, Vaux-Sur-Sûre, Sainte-Ode, and Bertogne. Europ’Aventure offers this historical and memorial experience, accessible all year round for a 2-3 day adventure.

La Roche-en-Ardenne by electric mountain bike

Discover La Roche-en-Ardenne and its surroundings with the electric mountain bike tour offered by Europ’Aventure. This experience lets you explore this iconic region of the Belgian Ardennes, known for its dense forests, hills and the Ourthe river. It’s done using high-end electric bikes, adding a modern touch to the adventure

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced mountain biker, this holiday offers a new way to enjoy the Ardennes countryside.

Stay in the Grande Forêt de St-Hubert

For total immersion in Ardennes nature, opt for the gîte stay in the Great Forest of Saint-Hubert proposed by Europ’Aventure. This stay combines comfort and adventure by accommodating you in a welcoming gîte. You’ll also have access to mountain bike trails through one of Europe’s largest forests.

It’s the perfect opportunity to discover the region’s fauna, flora and sumptuous landscapes in complete freedom.

Practical tips for a successful mountain biking experience

A mountain biking adventure in Belgium takes preparation. To make the most of your experience and ensure your safety, a few practical tips are essential. From the right equipment to knowledge of local regulations, here’s how to best prepare yourself.

The right mountain bike for Belgian terrain.

The choice of mountain bike is crucial for adapting to Belgium’s diverse terrain. Opt for a sturdy all-terrain bike, capable of tackling both the rocky routes of the Ardennes and the gentler paths of Wallonia.

A good shock absorber is essential to absorb shocks, and adapted tires will ensure better grip on wet or muddy terrain, common in Belgium. Also think about an efficient braking system to navigate safely downhill and around tight bends.

Essential equipment for the cyclist.

In addition to a suitable mountain bike, cyclist’s equipment contributes to a safe and enjoyable experience.

  • Mountain bike helmet
  • Gloves
  • Safety glasses
  • Suitable footwear
  • Puncture repair kit
  • A first-aid kit to cover all eventualities

Dress in layers to adapt to temperature changes, and give preference to breathable technical clothing.

Safety and local regulations.

Respecting local regulations is crucial for responsible mountain biking. Ask about zones where cycling is permitted, especially in national parks and nature reserves. Be aware of the rules for sharing trails with hikers and other users.

Caution is essential when mountain biking. It’s important to adjust your speed to your level and to the specific conditions of the course. What’s more, being aware of the environment is crucial not only for your own safety, but also for the protection of the natural world around you.

Planning your trip: reservations and preparations.

Good planning can turn a mountain bike outing into an unforgettable experience. Before you set off, check the weather and choose your route according to your level and interests.

Consult dedicated platforms such as OpenStreetMap for up-to-date maps and contributor reviews.

If you’re planning to stay for several days, book your accommodation in advance, especially in high season. Finally, remember to plan your meals and hydration breaks, essential for maintaining your energy throughout your adventure.