The Escapardenne Eislek Trail

from  665,00

A cross-boarder marked-out route linking the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg with Belgium

Set off on the paths and ways of this route that link Kautenbach in the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg to La Roche-en-Ardenne in Belgium. And so explore the countryside of the Luxembourg and Belgian Ardennes. 5 days of self-guided walking to explore 29 natural sites, 44 remarkable viewpoints where 50% of the paths are in their natural state.

The Escapardenne Eislek Trail is a cross-border hike. From Kautenbach in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, you walk to La Roche-en-Ardenne in Belgium. This major route and the 53 kilometres of the Escapardenne Lee Trail are acknowledged as being among the best in Europe (Leading Quality Trails).

During this walk, you will have the chance to exlpore the fascinating diversity of the countryside and its little known natural, cultural and authentic heritage. You will cross the Belgian and Luxembourg Ardennes without worrying about carrying your luggage as we will transfer your luggage from one hotel to another.

Walkers – grab your boots!

  • On foot
  • On you own
  • Difficulty level : easy to moderate

Ref.: 1311-2020


Day 1: welcome at the end of the fay
Day 2: Kautenbach – Clervaux: 25 km
If the first night of your stay on the Escapardenne Eislek Trail is planned in Clervaux, take the train to Kautenbach (about 20 minutes) after breakfast.
From Kautenbach, the route climbs steeply along a rugged path which was once an old cattle route. You go past Schibberich castle and carry on towards Lellingen, in a green valley where the villages and hamlets of Kischpelt are to be found. You then continue along the Irbach valley as far as Clervaux.
Day 3: Clervaux – Asselborn: 18.8 km
Along the river, you reach Beischend forest. The trail runs alongside Cinqfontaines and continues as far as the edge of Troisvierges. You can enjoy many panoramic views around the hamlet of Sassel. Continue in the Troine valley, through which runs one of the purest streams in Luxembourg. The Asselborn watermill, the final destination of the second stage, stands on the riverbank.
Day 4: Asselborn – Houffalize: 20,6 km
Starting from the Asselborn watermill, follow the valley of the stream as far as the confluence with the Emeschbach stream. After the Weiler lakes in Hoffelt, you go past the historical remains of the Meuse – Moselle canal. Later on, you cross the border between the Luxembourg and Belgian Ardennes. The trail leads towards Alhoumont and after magnificent views, you go deep into the Blancs Bois forest massif. You go downhill in the Ourthe valley to Houffalize.
Day 5: Houffalize- Nadrin: 23,4 km
From Houffalize, you go back into the forest and back down into the Ourthe valley, an oasis of peace. Higher up, you reach the village of Bonnerue and go down to the site of the Rensiwez mill. You carry on to the confluence of the two Ourthe rivers along a forest path and go down to the banks of the Nisramont dam. Along the path leading towards the slopes around Ollomont, you climb back up through wild countryside to the village of Nadrin.
Day 6: Nadrin – La Roche-en-Ardenne: 18 km
From Nadrin, the hiking trail leads you along a rapid climb to the Celtic eagle’s nest at Cheslé. On the edge of the village of Bérismenil, perched on top of a relief, you reach Crestelles, where you head back into the depths of the Ourthe valley.

Useful information

Arrival: on day 1 at the end of the afternoon
Dispersal: on day 6 at the end of the hike or the day after after the breakfast in case of booking of one extra night
Difficulty: easy (Day 4, 143m incline; Day 3, 495m incline; Day 5, 678m incline) and medium (Day 2,  995m incline; Day 6, 776m incline)
Accommodation: hotel**/***, guestrooms***
Access: by car or train and bus. Transfer by car either at the start or at the end of your stay and transfer arranged by the organiser; by train to the host locality and back to the nearest railway station by bus/train or upon transfer by car.


On request.



Per person in a double room with luggage transport: from € 727,00
Per person in a double room without luggage transport: from € 665,00
Price per person in a single room (alone or part of a group of at least two people): on demand

Included in the price: half-board, luggage transfer or not, car transfer at the end of the trip to de departure point (the price depend on the number of persons), a walking fact file per person/couple: map route, Escapardenne guide, map-carrier,
Not included: drinks, picnics, insurance or spending money, everything that is not included under ‘The price includes’.

Ref: 1311-2020

Good to know

Think about making your reservation as soon as possible as you can organise your walk as much as possible taking into account daily establishment opening hours.
If you are part of a small group and you are arriving by public trasnport it is possible to organise transfers from the railway station you arrive at.


  • Stays from 2 days – 2 nights with or without luggage transfer, with or without transfer to the departure.

Other stays

  • Possibility of walking from Clervaux (Luxembourg) to Saint-Hubert (Belgium) going by Derenbach (Luxembourg), Bastogne (Belgium), Sainte-Ode (Belgium) and by following La Transardennaise (4 nights)
  • The Valley of the Ourthe between Houffalize and La Roche-en-Ardenne: on foot or MTB
  • The “Grand Tour World War II”: hike between Bastogne, La Roche-en-Ardenne, Houffalize, Bastogne (+ guided tour in a Willy’s)




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