The large forest massifs of the Ardennes

The Great Forest of Saint-Hubert

A land of deer, forests and legends, the Great Forest of Saint-Hubert is a must for a nature and discovery trip. It covers 100,000 hectares, more than half of which is covered by forests! There are 8 municipalities: Wellin, Tellin, Libin, Libramont-Chevigny, Saint-Hubert, Tenneville, Nassogne and Sainte-Ode.
The Great Forest of Saint-Hubert is the ideal destination for listening to the roar of the stag, with a network of more than 1,500 km of marked walks. It is your nature vacation destination in the Ardennes! Come and discover the world of the forest and let yourself be bewitched by its mystery!

You wish to spend your vacations in an Ardennes and forest atmosphere? Do you dream of sleeping in a typical forest accommodation? Do you want to sleep “forest”, eat “forest”, move “forest”? The Great Forest of Saint-Hubert is your vacation destination!

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The Great Forest of Anlier

Far from mass tourism, the Grande Forêt d’Anlier will seduce you! Its relief presents 4 variants: the vast agricultural plateau of Libramont-Bastogne, the Sûre basin with its valleys, the Anlier massif, dominated by deciduous forests and Lorraine, where agricultural land predominates. Do you want to breathe, escape, relax, have fun in a different way? Without waiting, discover the 1,001 sights of your slow tourism destination in the Ardennes.

Synonymous with patience, of serenity and discoveries, the slow tourism in Grande Forêt d’Anlier vehicle ecological and humanistic values. Rejuvenating getaways in the forest, mountain bike rides through our beautiful countryside, fun donkey rides, wellness stays with massages and treatments, tastings of our delicious local products, unusual accommodations… nature and theair, you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to recharge your batteries! In short, treat yourself, clear your mind, slow down and take the time to discover your destination. The forest is reaching out to you!

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If you also like to discover the fauna and flora, you will have something to satisfy you in the Great Forest of Anlier.

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The Forest of the Semois and the Coal

If there is a wild land in Belgium, it is in the Semois and Houille Forest. The Semois, which extends over 210 km, is inseparable from this wild and magnificent massif. In the heart of the massif, the river meanders from the gentle Gaume into the immense Ardennes forest. In the north, the Houille river crosses a region at the end of the world: the site of the Scaille Cross is the one of the high plateaus where the wind blows and where the nature is queen. This territory, two thirds of which is wooded, extends over eight municipalities in two provinces: Bièvre, Gedinne and Vresse-sur-Semois in the province of Namur and Bertrix, Bouillon, Paliseul, Florenville and Herbeumont in the province of Luxembourg.

Walking, horseback riding or mountain biking, daring a survival course, sleeping in a bivouac, staying in a teepee, enjoying a gourmet break on the theme of the forest around a picnic, a barbecue or a gourmet table, it is possible in the Forest of the Semois and the Coal!

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Need to detach yourself from everyday life? Looking for challenges and nature? Don’t wait any longer and book a stay!

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