Guide – Grand Parcours des Abbayes Trappistes de Wallonie (GR) – version FR


The Topo-Guide of the GR trail of the Walloon Trappist Abbeys describes the itineraries of the two sections of the trail, the first one between Chimay and Rochefort (172 km) and the second one between Rochefort and Orval (114 km).


The S.A.T. (Trappist Abbeys Trail), created in partnership with the Walloon Region, is the first thematic itinerary of the Association des sentiers de grande randonnée. Entirely traced, it can be done at your own pace, according to your mood, your shape, the weather… Alone, with family, with friends, whenever you want. The “Sentier GR des Abbayes Trappistes de Wallonie” links the three Walloon abbeys where Trappist beers are brewed. The route is divided into two parts, from Chimay to Rochefort (174 km) and from Rochefort to Orval (116 km), a total of 290 km. The route is done in both directions following the different marked routes (on the GR) or described (on the GR de Pays).

Five separate guides describe in their entirety the GR and GRP routes that are partly used by the S.A.T.

This itinerary leads the hiker from abbey to Trappist abbey, where he also discovers their most famous beers. A new opportunity to explore the Walloon paths and discover the products and heritage of the three Trappist abbeys. Products from our country that are the envy of the world! The Trappist beers of Wallonia are registered on the list of the cultural and immaterial heritage of UNESCO.