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Europ’Aventure has been your walking holiday specialist for over 30 years!

Europ’Adventure’s motto: “Helping sport and walking enthusiasts enjoy themselves!”

If you are sporty or enjoy a peaceful walk, you love uncovering new things, you like going on holiday with family or friends, or prefer to join a group or travel only, if you like hiking, cycling, mountain biking, horse riding, driving, running or nordic walking our travel agent can organise your made-to-measure stay!
Europ’Aventure creates holidays inspired by forests and country paths.

Europ’Aventure was founded by Denis Jusseret and Geneviève Goosse, both passionate about open-air hiking in 1985 in Sainte-Ode. Europ’Aventure was originally founded to provide something missing in Belgium: self-guided walking holidays crossing the Ardennes with luggage transport included. Over time Europ’Aventure has shown itself to be an indispensable tour operatour which specialises in walking holidays. It designs and proposes superb quality made-to-measure programmes with countless fans.

With strong links to the Ardennes, Europ’Aventure has never left them and has been based in Sainte-Ode, a little village in the Luxembourg province, since the beginning.

What could be better to design walking holidays than to be based in the middle of the Ardennes forest – a walking hot spot!

In addition to implementing organised walking holidays, Europ’Aventure is also invested in the creation and resale of treks in France, Europe and across the world on the Belgium travel market.
An undeniable fact – an agency that knows its products and is experienced makes all the difference

Europ’Aventure is a local, renowned and involved player. In introducing hiking enthusiasts to its world, Europ’Aventure is playing a key role in local and regional life, not only as a tourism company, but also in land development and bringing life to the region.

Made-to-measure hikes and voyages of discovery

Stays, trips and hikes are created to meet your wishes and your budget!

What are you looking for?

  • Non-accompanied, self-guided walks
  • Professional guided walks
  • Themed holidays, “Voyages of discovery” in Belgium or abroad
  • Meeting locals in a friendly atmosphere
  • On demand sport activities (running, nordic walking, marathons, white-water activities, winter sports)
  • Difficulty levels are noted on technical factfiles so you can choose the right hike for you

Contact us now with any questions – we’re ready to listen!
A close relationship with recognised partners who are passionate about tourism and hiking

Recognising the environment adds to the partnership we have with involved professionals whose professionalism is never in doubt. All our collaborators are in love with nature and tourism. They are also all recognised on a professional level as we make it a point of honnour to work with trusted partners.

Europ’Aventure’s first partner was La Maison de la Randonnée – GTA Belgique (The House of Hiking – GTA Belgium).

This association, which was founded 30 years ago, designs walks and marks out circuits with an internationally recognised GTA marking (yellow and blue with a white wave). It maintains walks and paths so that walkers can enjoy them. La Maison de la Randonnée – GTA Belgique is recogised as a tourist association by the CGT.

La Maison de la Randonnée – GTA Belgique also edits books, topographical maps (put together in collaboration with the National Geographical Institute), hiking guides and road books corresponding to its walks. They have been translated into different languages (NL-EN-DE-FR). These books are on sale on our website.

We would also like to highlight the excellent partnership Europ’Aventure maintains with hotel owners, restaurateurs, professional guides and all other tourism professionals in various regions in Belgium and abroad.

Europ’Aventure proposes holidays put together with receptical local agents abroad who offer high-quality programmes, mixing regional secrets, sporting activites and human encounters. Europ’aventure arranges effective co-operation guarantees with its partners abroad who have been professionally recognised.
Our professional acknowledgement
A travel agency is worth nothing unless they have a travel agency license (Licence A 1660). It means you are fully covered, notably through professional indemnity cover imposed by law.

Your contact: Jean-François Lambert, +32(0)479 24 51 80

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