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    Hiking with all senses

    Are you looking for a hike in Italy ? This package is the best for you if you want to walk anly e few hours a days. On foot Self-guided…

    from  600,00

      On the Transgaumaise

      Three-day hike in the “Gaume” Europ’Aventure offers you this three-day hike between Sainte-Cécile and Torgny. Gaume is a delightful region in the south of the Belgian province of Luxembourg which…

      from  325,00

        Rota Vincenta

        Imagine yourself walking in the most beautiful and well-preserved coast of Europe. Now add the feeling of adventure when discovering virgin beaches, a rich culture and a cuisine that serves…

        from  690,00

          Greek island of Kythnos

          An experienced local guide takes you on walking tours across the island of Kythnos, following old paths to historic sites. 7 days, six nights, five days of walking to discover…

          from  575,00
          Vue sur la Semois

            Between the Lesse and the Semois

            Hike between the Lesse and the Semois With this stay, Europ’Aventure offers you a break from your daily routine to go hiking in the Ardennes, between the Lesse and the…

            from  285,00
            Randonnée en Forêt de Saint-Hubert

              The Grand Tour Entre Lesse et Lomme

              ‘100% Forest’ hike: immerse yourself in the region between the Lesse and the Lomme The ‘Grand Tour Entre Lesse et Lomme’ stay is set mainly in the Great Forest of…

              from  505,00
              Domaine provincial de Mirwart

                The ‘Transardennaise’ on foot

                Accross the Ardennes The great GTA route « The Transardennaise » leads you from La Roche-en-Ardenne to Bouillon, 2 ancient medieval cities nestled in heart of the Ardennes forest. A…

                from  291,00
                Wanderung Escapardenne

                  The Escapardenne Eislek Trail

                  A cross-boarder marked-out route linking the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg with Belgium Set off on the paths and ways of this route that link Kautenbach in the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg to…

                  from  665,00
                  Grande randonnée en Belgique

                    The Transfamenne

                    Whenever the Famenne is mentioned, are you already putting your walking boots on? Over three days of walking explore the Famenne region to the north of the Luxembourg province. Wander…

                    from  370,00

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