On the Transgaumaise

from  325,00

Three-day hike in the “Gaume”

Europ’Aventure offers you this three-day hike between Sainte-Cécile and Torgny.

Gaume is a delightful region in the south of the Belgian province of Luxembourg which has an air of Provence about it. This stay will take you on a hike along La Transgaumaise GTA route, with luggage transport. The ‘Gaume sun’ is just waiting for you!

  • On foot
  • Self-guided
  • Difficulty level: average

Ref.: 1411-2020


Day 1 : welcome in Sainte-Cécile
Day 2 : Sainte-Cécile – Izel (21,700 km, elevation gain 239 m)
Day 3 : Izel – Virton (26 km, elevation gain 313 m)
Day 4 : Virton – Torgny (28 km, elevation gain 542 m)
Day 5 : transfer to the starting point

The route may be modified owing the conditions of access to the forest.

Useful information

Welcome: day 1 at the end of the day in Sainte-Cécile
Dispersal: day 5, transfer to Sainte-Cécile after the breakfast
Accommodation: hotel***/guestrooms***
Luggage transport: with luggage transport
Formula: sefl-guided hike

As a hiker, you know that the forest traffic code stipulates that you remain on the paths and trails. It is essential to abide by this obligation.

If you come across a wild boar, whatever condition it is in, turn round and call 1718 as soon as possible

After your forest walk, clean your boots and anything else that you consider necessary (first with water and then with bleach to disinfect).

You are not permitted to enter a pig farm for 72 hours after your walk
Moreover, hiking is currently not possible on the French side.


At your convenience



With luggage transport

  • Price per person in double room: from 325,00 €
  • Price in a single room: from 485,00 €

Without luggage transport

  • Price per person in double room: from 275,00 €
  • Price in a single room: from 420,00 €

The price includes: half-boards fort 3 nights, 1 night with breakfast, the luggage transport or not, the map, the transfer to the starting point on day 5.
The price does not include: the drinks, the picnics, the insurance, the personal expenses,  everything that is not included under ‘The price includes’.

Ref. : 1411-2020



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