Transardenaise-Randonnee-Belgique (15)

The ‘Transardennaise’ on foot

from  291,00

Accross the Ardennes

The great GTA route « The Transardennaise » leads you from La Roche-en-Ardenne to Bouillon, 2 ancient medieval cities nestled in heart of the Ardennes forest.
A self-guided walk across the Belgian Ardennes covering 160km in 7 days over 7 stages, which can be modified to suit your time and abilities, has become mythical over time.

You will wander through the Belgian Ardennes, its forests and its most beautiful countryside. Unmissable for walkers and mountain bikers, this great route marked out in yellow and white will take you through typical Ardennes villages (such as Cens, Lavacherie, Nassogne, Awenne, Redu, Sensenruth), majestic forests (Freyr and Saint-Michel), pastures, glades and woodland in the Lesse, the Semois or even the Ourthe river valleys.

Those for whom these seven stages have not been enough can continue towards Monthermé (in France), once they reach Bouillon, by following the Rhine-Meuse Ardennes-Eifel trail.

The length of this unaccompanied hiking stay varies in line with your availability and your possibilities.

  • On foot
  • On your own
  • Difficulty level: moderate

Ref. : 1111.2020


Day 1 : Welcome in La Roche-en-Ardenne during the afternoon
Day 2 : La Roche–en–Ardenne – Sprimont (21.200 km,+ 522m)
This first stage does not present any difficulties apart from a fairly steep climb as you leave La Roche-en-Ardenne, convincing you from the start of the hike that Belgium is not confined to the ‘Plat Pays’ (flat country) in the song by Jacques Brel…
Day 3 : Sprimont – St-Hubert (21 km, + 420 m)
This stage runs mainly through undergrowth and follows a relatively rugged path. It is one of the most enjoyable stretches of La Transardennaise for those who love solitude and the invigorating air of big forests.
Day 4 : St-Hubert – Nassogne (27 km, + 678 m)
The stage of the day is anything but flat: climbs and descents follow one another, but the effort is worthwhile as the route crosses the most beautiful forests of the Ardennes, forests of beech and oak trees and above all, conifers.
Day 5 : Nassogne – Awenne (11,900 km) – Mirwart (16.8 km ; +442 m)
This stage is considerably shorter than the previous ones but does include a number of descents and climbs, although the height differences are not as great as previously. While part of the route still runs through woods, fields and meadows become increasingly numerous.
Day 6 : Mirwart – Redu (15.6 km) ou Mirwart – Daverdisse (22.3 km ;+ 381 m)
On day 6, the route takes you to two outstanding natural sites: the Valley of Marsoult in Mirwart, and the Valley of the Haute-Lesse just before Daverdisse.
Day 7: Redu – Paliseul (27,8 km) ou Daverdisse – Paliseul (20,8 km ; + 512 m)
This stage between Daverdisse and Paliseul is not the most tiring along La Transardennaise since it only includes one slope worthy of the name, as you leave Daverdisse. Otherwise, the changes in level range between altitudes of 340 metres and 390 metres.
Day 8 : Paliseul – Bouillon (25.9 km)
Having spent the night in Paliseul, you take the variant route that leads to the finishing point of the hike: Bouillon!

Transfer back to your accommodation is usually organised if no accommodation is available at the finish of the stage.

Useful information

Welcome: day 1 at the end of the afternoon. Hiking dossier handed over at the accommodation.
Dispersal : day 8 at the end of the stage in Bouillon or the day after
Formula: self-guided hike
Accomodation : hotels***/****, guestrooms**/***
Access: by car, by train and bus


At your convenience.

Please note: from 1 October to 31 December, the route may be diverted at certain points owing to the hunting season.


Price per person in double room:

With luggage transport

  • 2 nights / 3 days : € 291,00
  • 3 nights / 4 days : € 425,00
  • 4 nights / 5 days : € 553,00
  • 5 nights / 6 days : € 676,00
  • 6 nights / 7 days : from € 797,00
  • 7 nights / 8 days: from € 896,00
  • 8 nights / 9 days: from € 947,00
    In Bouillon: night and breakfast

Single room: price on request

Without luggage transport

  • 2 nights / 3 days : € 268,00
  • 3 nights / 4 days : € 383,00
  • 4 nights / 5 days : € 498,00
  • 5 nights / 6 days : € 614,00
  • 6 nights / 7 days : from € 729,00
  • 7 nights / 8 days: from € 813,00
  • 8 nights / 9 days: from € 864,00
    In Bouillon: night and breakfast

Supplement for single room : on request.

Possible supplement for a transfer between the end of the stage and accommodation available away from the finishing point
Reduction if no return transfer is provided to the starting point by the organiser

The price includes: the half-boards, the extra night and breakfast or not, the luggage transport or not, tthe map.
The price does not include: the drinks, the picnics, the insurance, the personal expenses,everything that is not included under ‘The price includes’.

Ref. : 1111.2020




– hike for individual or group (programme on request)
– possibility of shortening the laps
– possibility of a rebate for the return transfer if done by train.
– rebate if you come by train.La Transardennaise Gourmet hotel**/****
Discipline: on foot
Duration: 7 days / 7 nights

For those who are not satisified with these 7 stages, you can continue your walk from Bouillon to Monthermé (in France) by following the Ardennes-Eifel “Rhin-Meuse” path.

As a general rule, if no accommodation is avaliable when you reach the end of a stage, you will be transferred to your accommodation, and then returned to continue your walk the next day.

Note: from October 1 to December 31 the route might be deviated at certain points because of the hunting season.



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